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Expanding Our Global Footprint With New Cloud Regions

Our global network of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) regions underpins all of the important work we do for our customers. With 24 regions and 73 zones in 17 countries, Google Cloud delivers high-performance, low-latency cloud services to our customers no matter where they are around the globe. 

Google Cloud regions are designed and dedicated to providing enterprise services and products for Google Cloud Platform customers. (Separately, for information about our data centers that support Google’s consumer services please visit this page). Our Cloud regions provide faster service in a given location so organizations can deliver their products and services more reliably and at higher speeds.

In 2020, we launched four new cloud regions—Jakarta (Indonesia), Las Vegas (U.S.), Salt Lake City (U.S.), and Seoul (South Korea)—and announced more to come, including Doha (Qatar), Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy), and Paris (France). 

Google Cloud customers around the world, like Carrefour Spain, Lufthansa Group, Nokia, and Procter & Gamble depend on us to drive operational efficiencies, reduce IT costs, and accelerate their digital transformations in order to better serve end consumers. A growing number of Google Cloud regions puts our trusted infrastructure everywhere our customers are today and need to be tomorrow. 

“Our focus is on our customers,” says Jose Antonio Santana, CIO at Carrefour Spain. “We want to meet them wherever they are. Google Cloud has given us the flexibility to adapt our infrastructure and the agility to make changes very quickly. We’ve been able to adopt and standardize industry best practices across the whole company and provide the highest possible service to our customers.”

“Google Cloud is a strategic partner as we optimize our operations performance to better serve our customers around the world,” says Henning Krüger, VP Ops Suite at Lufthansa Group. “We’re digitizing our operations atop Google Cloud’s global infrastructure, and we’re using their machine learning capabilities to combine previously disparate systems and data feeds into one unified platform.”

“Nokia is accelerating its digital ambitions by modernizing and migrating all its on-premises data centers and servers across multiple countries on to Google Cloud,” says Ravi Parmasad, VP Global IT Infrastructure at Nokia. “The scale, breadth, reliability, and security of Google Cloud’s growing platform ensures we can fundamentally change how we operate and do business; and drive meaningful operational efficiencies and cost savings in a long-term, sustainable way.”

“P&G has a long history of innovation, and today, we’re delivering more personalized experiences to consumers than ever before, thanks to the help of partners like Google Cloud,” said Vittorio Cretella, CIO at Procter & Gamble. “We’re implementing agility at scale, and Google Cloud’s continued commitment to scale and grow its global platform is an important enabler of these efforts.”

Our expanding Google Cloud region roadmap

Today, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our global network with new cloud regions in Chile, Germany and Saudi Arabia. When launched, each region will have three zones to protect against service disruptions, and include a portfolio of key Google Cloud products, while offering lower latency to nearby users and a more robust global network of regions for multinational enterprises. 

In South America, Chilean businesses both large and small are accelerating their cloud adoption and transforming their businesses to bring new products and services to customers. Companies like Red Salud, one of the leading networks of private healthcare providers in Chile, have migrated their infrastructure to the cloud to increase the resilience and flexibility of their services as demand continues to evolve and grow.

“The announcement of a new Google Cloud region in Chile is welcome news to those of us in the healthcare space, where providers need quick access to complete information in order to make informed decisions about patient care,” says Daniel de la Maza, Manager of Systems and Technology at Red Salud. “With this new cloud region, we will be physically closer to the resources that Google Cloud has to offer, and we will be able to access cloud technology in a faster and more complete way, which will help us strengthen our mission: to bring high quality, accessible care to our patients.” 

In Germany, this second cloud region will complement our existing region in Frankfurt, expanding our ability to meet growing demand for cloud services in the country. With this additional region, customers like Deutsche Börse, one of the world’s leading exchange organizations, and German wholesaler METRO, can continue to scale their businesses atop our world-class cloud infrastructure. 

“Adopting public cloud as part of our strategic focus on new technologies helps us to improve agility, drive efficiency, and gain access to cutting-edge analytics and AI tools,” says Michael Girg, Chief Cloud Officer at Deutsche Börse Group. “As one of the largest market infrastructure providers, Deutsche Börse Group stands for innovative and stable solutions, which are essential for creating trust in today’s and tomorrow’s markets. Google Cloud impressed us with its technical capabilities, robust security posture, and partner mindset. A second Google Cloud region in Germany will provide even more capacity and technical runway to scale our business.”

“METRO is leading a digital transformation in the wholesale travel industry not only through our own move to the cloud, but also by making digital solutions available to our customers,” says Timo Salzsieder, Chief Solution Officer and Chief Information Officer at METRO AG. “We’ve increased the stability of our ecommerce platform and reduced infrastructure costs with Google Cloud, and the new Google Cloud region in Germany will help us serve our millions of customers across 34 countries with even greater reliability.”

Saudi Arabia
In 2018, we announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Aramco to jointly explore establishing cloud services in the region. Building on that MoU, we concluded an agreement in December 2020 and Google Cloud will now deploy and operate a Cloud region in Saudi Arabia, while a local strategic reseller, sponsored by Aramco, will offer cloud services to customers, with a particular focus on businesses in the Kingdom.  

This new Cloud region will enable Google Cloud customers to confidently grow and scale their offerings in this market and support companies like Noon and Snap, Inc. as they deliver their products and services to consumers. 

“In order to deliver a positive user experience, it is important to put our infrastructure as close as possible to our customers,” says Karl D’Adamo, Senior Director for Infrastructure at Snap, Inc. “Google Cloud’s continuing expansion into additional regions will enable us to better serve our hundreds of millions of customers around the world, no matter where they may be.” 

“We chose Google Cloud because of the scalability and resilience of its products and infrastructure,” says Hisham Zarka, CTO and Managing Director at Noon. “With the new Google Cloud region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we will be able to securely deliver services to our nearby customers at higher speeds and with greater flexibility.”

Google Cloud | Live Google Cloud regions
Our second region in Germany, first in Saudi Arabia, and first in Chile will join our current network of 24 regions, shown here, along with nine other forthcoming regions worldwide.

The cleanest cloud in the industry

We do all of this while operating the cleanest cloud in the industry, matching 100 percent of the electricity we use with renewable energy. This commitment to sustainability enables our customers to meet their own cloud computing needs with zero net carbon emissions. 

You can learn more about our global infrastructure, including new and upcoming regions, here.

By Dave Stiver. Source: Google Cloud Blog.

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