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Ensuring Financial Stability Starts With Database Stability

Editor’s note: We are hearing today from Freedom Financial Network, provider of technology-based solutions that help consumers overcome debt and establish financial security. To meet the demand of their growing suite of services across the organization, they moved from Rackspace to Google Cloud SQL.

At Freedom Financial Network, our products and services have helped hundreds of thousands of consumers reduce and consolidate their debt. Our suite of customized solutions is driven by a core architecture of intelligent decision-making microservices, shared across the organization, that depend upon independent instances. 

Before making the switch to Google Cloud, we utilized Rackspace’s solution. But over the past year (during a period of significant growth), we realized that we needed to free up our infrastructure and platform teams to provide more comprehensive support across the enterprise. We also wanted to drive growth by transitioning from a monolithic to a microservices architecture, helping us expand our suite of consumer products and allowing our internal teams a more flexible, self-service access to our infrastructure.

By Mathieu Dubois. Source: Google Cloud Blog.

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