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How To: Create a Google Cloud Platform Project

The Google Cloud Platform has a resources hierarchy. They are 

Organization is the root of the resource hierarchy. If you are using an individual account and you have just created your GCP account, you will have no Organization created. This is because the Organization typically corresponds to a company or organization.

Folders are the building blocks of multilayer organizational hierarchies. Note that folders can also contain other folders and even projects. 

Folders can be used in various ways, one of them is a layout where an organization has multiple departments. It could have different folders for Finance, Marketing, Software Development, and Legal. Then the Software Development folder would have sub-folders for different teams or environments, like Development, Testing, Staging and Production.

A Project is the place where we can create resources. You need to have the IAM permission resourcemanager.projects.create in order to create projects. Note also that you have a limit on the number of projects you can create. If you intend to exceed your current limit, you will need to make a request to GCP or Google  and wait for their approval. 


  • Google Cloud Account. If you don’t have one yet follow the steps here.


01. Login to GCP console. If this is a new account you will already have a project named “My First Project”

02. Click on the project name. It will show the Projects you have. 

Selecting the “All” tab will show all existing projects and it will be organized or grouped by your GCP Organization. By default you will have “No Organization”

03. Select the “New Project” on the top right corner and you will be shown the form to create a Project.

It will also show the limit or number of projects you can create. Set the name of the project and select your Organization if you have any. Choosing the name of the Project is important, you can usually name your Project depending on your application. You can name it with the name of that application, like a “Calculator” project or a “Geothermal Sensor Application” project.

In this example, for demonstration purposes, we are naming it “Geek Application” project. Then click on the “Create” button.

04. Wait until the Project is created. 

05. Now you can select the Project you have created using the project selection feature we used before.

06. Congratulations! You now have created and activated a new project. This means that any resource you create will be assigned or associated with this project. Remember to check the active project before creating resources, especially if you are handling multiple GCP projects.

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