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Compliance With Confidence: Introducing Assured Workloads Support

As organizations in regulated industries modernize and adopt cloud technologies, ensuring the security, privacy, and regulatory compliance of their sensitive workloads is an essential part of choosing a cloud provider. Regulated customers have specific compliance needs around data locality and personnel access to customer data. In the US specifically, these are mandated by requirements under the Department of Defense (i.e., IL4), the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS), and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

Last year, we introduced Assured Workloads (now generally available with additional features in preview) which lets Google Cloud customers easily and quickly create controlled environments in which US data location and US person support controls are enforced. Regulated customers, and the organizations which interact with them, can use this product to support their compliance efforts by:

  1. Choosing to store their sensitive workloads in the US only;
  2. Ensuring only Google personnel who meet criteria on geographical access location (currently, US only), background checks, and “US Person” status, can support their workload.

We understand that these compliance regulations have a significant impact to your organization and safeguarding your business is important to us. Therefore, today, we’re introducing Assured Workloads Support for Google Cloud, which is now generally available (GA) to Premium Support customers. Assured Workloads Support is a Value Add Service to Premium Support customers, who will receive Premium Support from a US Person, in a US Location, 24/7. Customers also receive all the key benefits from Premium Support—15-min response time  for P1 cases, issues resolved by customer aware Google Technical Solution Engineers with access to your business systems information, and direct engagement with a named Technical Account Manager (TAM), a trusted technical advisor focused on operational rigor, platform health and architectural stability. 

We look forward to expanding Assured Workloads Support in other regions beyond the US later this year. 

Assured Workloads Support for Google Cloud is available for purchase effective January 19th, 2021. Assured Workloads Support is available to customers who purchase the Assured Workloads Premium Subscription and Premium Support. Please connect with your Google Cloud Sales representative to learn more.

By Atul Nanda(Vice President, Cloud Support)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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