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Search And Browse Google Cloud Code Samples

We’ve added new features to our documentation to provide quick and easy ways to search and browse all code samples that are available for Google Cloud. When getting started with a new technology, are you the type of developer who immediately looks for code samples? If so, you’ll be happy to check out these new features.  

All code samples search page

The first new feature is the all code samples search page. On this page, you can browse through 1200+ code sample “tiles”, each of which includes a list of programming languages that the code sample is available in, along with the relevant Google Cloud product. At the top of the page are two filters: the first provides a quick way to filter the code samples listed by programming language, and the second lets you filter the list of code samples by one or more Google Cloud products. Next to the filters is a text search box where you can search the titles and descriptions of code samples.

Google Cloud Samples

All code samples page for a specific Google Cloud product

The next feature provides new pages that contain all code samples for a specific Google Cloud product, integrated into the product’s existing documentation. Use these pages to see all the code samples for a product like BigQuery. The code samples listed on this page include a View in documentation section, which lists all of the documentation pages that include the code sample.

Google Cloud | BigQuery code samples

Individual code sample pages

If you click the “View Sample” button from one of the new code sample pages, you open an individual page for that code sample. This page displays the code sample along with a list of documentation pages that include the code sample. You can click the View on GitHub button to see the complete code sample on Github.

Google Cloud | Documentation | Create a dataset

As we add new code samples to the Google Cloud open source Github repositories, we automatically create new standalone code sample pages in our documentation to feature these new additions.

Try searching and browsing our new code sample pages. We hope they help you get started quicker. Or, if your development is already well underway, we hope that these improvements speed up your coding efforts by getting you right to the code samples that you’re looking for.

By Jonathan Simon(Developer Relations)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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