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How Citrix And Google Cloud Are Helping Provide Secure Application Access

Google and Citrix have a history of working together for over a decade to make the future of work a simple, secure, and transformative reality for the world’s biggest enterprises—from the Modern Computing Alliance and Chrome Enterprise Recommended, to enabling secure remote access to enterprise applications, to democratizing Zero Trust with the BeyondCorp Alliance, and providing a robust virtual desktop experience.

98% of Fortune 500 companies, 400,000 customers, and 100 million users in more than 100 countries rely on Citrix. Many of these enterprises want the best of Citrix and the best of Google Cloud to ensure a secure and fast experience for employees that can scale. This is more important than ever with so many people working remotely. With Citrix running on Google Cloud infrastructure, leveraging Chrome OS and Chromebooks, and collaborating with Google Workspace, companies are able to massively improve the way employees work. These tools empower people to work flexibly, focus time on what matters, and deepen collaboration within and outside their organization. When enterprises choose Citrix and Google, they can enable the next wave of work with an open platform for innovation and transformation. 

Citrix and Google Cloud Integrations

  • Citrix Workspace with Google Cloud Platform: provide global access with a 100% cloud-hosted virtual app and desktop solution.
  • Citrix App Delivery and Security with Google Cloud Platform: optimize workload delivery with unified cloud connectivity management.
  • Citrix Workspace with Google Chrome Enterprise: enhance user experiences on Chrome OS devices with contextual workspaces.
  • Citrix Workspace with Google Workspace: streamline productivity and connections through Citrix and Google app integrations.

“Citrix and Google Cloud have collaborated for years to accelerate enterprises’ move to the cloud. With a focus on business agility, employee productivity, and safe, secure digital workspace solutions, we enable a fast, frictionless motion for customers,” said Bronwyn Hastings, SVP of Worldwide Channel Sales and Ecosystems at Citrix. “Together, we provide customers an exceptional cloud-based virtual application and desktop offering, with a complete solution stack to empower employees to do their best work.”

One of these customers is Equifax. Equifax is transforming the majority of their IT operations on the strong foundation of Google Cloud, and in doing so, transforming many aspects of their business. While that transformation is underway, being able to provide employees secure access to applications and resources is critical. Equifax is able to accelerate their journey to the cloud by leveraging Citrix to secure applications both in the datacenter and as they migrate them to Google Cloud. This consistency will allow Equifax to secure critical applications while continuing to innovate in consumer credit reporting. In addition, the ease of the partnership between Citrix and Google allows Equifax unmatched agility, best of breed security, and simplified operations while improving end user experiences to meet the demands the innovative, fast paced financial services market requires.

“We chose Google Cloud because its focus on data, security, AI, machine learning and that security is well integrated throughout the system. Now with Citrix and Google Cloud, we can further help our workforce securely access the resources they need with no disruption and the capability to scale capacity with the business,” according to Scott Johnson, Equifax SVP of Infrastructure.“

Equifax isn’t alone in needing to provide secure access to applications and resources to employees while the company undergoes a digital transformation. To learn more about how Citrix and Google can help your business, please visit and

By Carrie Brady(Head of Partnerships, Virtual Desktop)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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