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Back By Popular Demand: Google Cloud Products In 4 Words Or Less (2021 Edition)

Google Cloud offers lots of products to support a wide variety of use cases. But how do you even know where to start?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have created a set of resources that makes it easy to familiarize yourself with the Google Cloud ecosystem. You can use these resources to quickly get up to speed on different products and choose those that you’re most interested in for a deeper dive into documentation and other available resources. 

Google Cloud products in 4 words or less

The 4 words or less Google Cloud developer’s cheat sheet is a project that describes each Google Cloud product in 4 words or less. If you are just getting started, this resource gives you a quick overview of all that is available to you on Google Cloud. And if you’re more experienced, it can be a great way to identify new products that you might want to learn more about. 

When you see a product that piques your interest, learn more about it on the GitHub page by checking out the product page or documentation.  The cheat sheet is available to download as a pdf (in your choice of dark or light themes!). Print it and post it, or even make it your desktop allpaper for easy reference.

Google Cloud | Developer Cheat Sheet

This latest update for 2021 ‪includes several new exciting product additions to the Google Cloud family:

  • VMware Engine: VMware on Compute Engine
  • Database Migration Service: Migrate to Cloud SQL
  • DB Insights: SQL Inspector
  • Assured Workloads: Workload compliance controls
  • Certificate Authority Service: Managed private CAs
  • Cloud Asset Inventory: All assets, one place
  • Confidential Computing: Encrypt data in-use
  • Eventarc: Event-driven Cloud Run services 
  • Cloud Workflows: HTTP services orchestration
  • KF: Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes
  • API Gateway: Fully managed API Gateway 
  • AppSheet: No-code App creation

More Resources

GCP Sketchnote

GCP Sketchnotes describe each Google Cloud product with a sketchnote—a format that combines art and technology. Many of us retain information conveyed via illustrations for much longer than information that is just read. If you’re working on Google Cloud certification, this visual approach to learning can make it easier for you to learn and review content in a short amount of time. 

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re a new cloud engineer or a seasoned expert, you’re likely to find GCP Sketchnotes both accessible and a valuable reference. You can download and print them from GitHub and watch the walk-throughs on YouTube. Here’s the latest one for you ?

Cloud Bytes

You asked and we listened! Cloud Bytes is a direct result of requests we received from the community on the Google Cloud Tech YouTube channel. We know you’re busy, so the Cloud Bytes video series  gets straight to the point, summarizing individual Google Cloud products in less than two minutes. Take a look at the series and one of our latest episodes here ?

Next Steps

Be sure to take a few minutes to explore these resources, and when you have time, dig deeper into a product that you’ve been meaning to learn more about.

We are eager to hear your feedback on these resources and your ideas for similar content that will help make your learning journey a little bit easier. Share it with us on Twitter or LinkedIn @pvergadia and @gregsramblings.

By Priyanka Vergadia(Developer Advocate, Google) and Greg Wilson(Director, Developer Advocacy)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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