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Women’s History Month Highlight: Jobecam

March is Women’s History Month – a time for us to come together and celebrate women-led startups and the amazing work they are doing in the tech industry. Our second of four features highlights Brazilian founder Cammila Yochabell, whose SaaS company Jobecam aims to eliminate unconscious bias from the hiring process—with a little help from Cloud technology. 

Many of you have heard of the TV Show “The Voice.” What if it was possible to bring the same element of blind judging to the hiring process? After facing many difficult interviews during which recruiters questioned my credentials and skills because I was a woman with an accent, I sought to bring more impartiality to the hiring and recruitment process. As a white woman, I acknowledge that my privilege is more than most. That is why I felt compelled to built a platform that makes the hiring process more efficient and fair for everyone. 

My company, Jobecam, aims to promote diversity in companies with our unique blind interview process. Our SaaS platform eliminates unconscious bias by leveraging AI to blur images and change voices during interviews, keeping hiring managers focused on a candidate’s qualifications, competency, and experience instead of gender, race, age, or religion. 

Lacking efficiency and diversity in the hiring processes

Women, people of color, applicants with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ communities face the most discrimination when it comes to hiring practices. And not only is building a diverse team the right thing to do, it is a smart business move: on average, companies without diversity initiatives earn 33% less than companies investing in diversity. 

Traditional hiring processes are also extremely inefficient in terms of both time and money. Between posting job descriptions, interviewing, candidate onboarding, and training, recruiters and companies invest a lot of resources on hiring— about 120 days per candidate. This time should be spent hiring the best person for the role, not wasted on candidates that aren’t a great fit. 


Joebcam offers two solutions for companies wanting to increase both efficiency and diversity in their hiring processes. First, we offer pre-recorded interviews with custom questions and AI applied to quickly rank the best candidates by words matching between recruiters requirements and candidates’ responses. After filtering the best candidates, we curate virtual interview rooms used for live conversations between candidates and recruiters. In both the live and pre-recorded interviews, candidates are able to change their image and voice. The Jobecam interview platform allows candidates to be valued by their skills and experiences, rather than factors that can lead to biased decisions. 

Our clients have reported increased diversity in their hiring processes by 68%, and increased efficiency in the hiring process by 82%. We are able to achieve this with our digital and smart recruitment platform powered by Google Cloud. 

Jobecam + Google Cloud

We use Cloud Storage to store all candidate interview videos, which allows recruiters to quickly access and review candidate interviews on demand. Cloud Storage reduced our video latency and response plays so recruiters face no delays when they are reviewing potential candidates. 

With Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text API, we were able to cut processing times for automatic speech by 93%, from five minutes to 20 seconds. This not only sped up the time to complete interviews, but also also helped recruiters receive and process pre-recorded interviews more quickly. Uploading modifications, making corrections and managing scaling at Jobecam are handled with FirebaseFirestore specifically cut down our build times by 62%, from 40 minutes to just 15 minutes—and is getting faster all the time.

Supporting Mothers in Tech

I started Jobecam with the goal of promoting a world that values our differences. Supporting other women in tech is an endeavor extremely close to my heart. To further my goal of gender parity in the industry, I mentor at B2Mamy, the first company that trains and connects mothers working in the startup ecosystem. As a mother myself, I love being able to support other women and their children while helping promote economic opportunity and leadership within the community. In partnership with Google for Startups Residency Program, it has been so beneficial volunteering with this company as they have reached more than 10,000 women across a multitude of communities. Supporting worthy companies like B2Mamy with Google resources, training, and support will help their mission reach even more women in Brazil and beyond. If you want to learn more about how Google Cloud can help your startup, visit our startup page here where you can apply for our Startup Program, and sign up for our monthly startup newsletter to get a peek at our community activities, digital events, special offers, and more.

By Cammila Yochabell(Founder | CEO, Jobecam)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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