Google BigQuery Is A Leader In The 2021 Forrester Wave: Cloud Data Warehouse

We are thrilled to announce that Google has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2021 report. For more than a decade, BigQuery, our petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse, has been in a class of its own. We’re excited to share this recognition and we want to thank our strong community of customers and partners for voicing their opinion. We believe this report validates the alignment of our strategy with our customers’ analytics needs.

“Customers like Google’s frequency of data warehouse releases, business value, future proof architecture, high-end scale, geospatial capabilities, strong AI/ML capabilities, good security capabilities, and broad analytical use cases,” according to the Forrester report. Today’s data leaders require a data warehousing platform that provides both depth and breadth and with BigQuery, organizations are able to unlock deeper data science and machine learning capabilities while promoting data democratization and providing the highest levels of availability. 

Google BigQuery: 5 out of 5!

Forrester gave Google BigQuery a score of 5 out of 5 across 19 different criteria, including:

Today, customers across the globe use BigQuery to run business critical analytics workloads to enable BI acceleration, IoT analytics, customer intelligence, AI/ML-based analytics, data science, data collaboration, and data services. Customers such as VerizonWayfairHSBCTwitterAirAsiaKeyBankThe Home Depot, and Vodafone have anchored their digital transformation efforts on BigQuery—unlocking deeper insights for their people. 

Customers use BigQuery across all industries, to solve issues like credit card fraud detectionpredictive forecastinganomaly detectionlog analytics and many more. Forrester recognized this work and gave BigQuery a 5/5 score for supporting vertical and horizontal use cases. 

More BigQuery advantages 

Google is the first hyperscale provider to offer a multi cloud data analytics solution. With BigQuery Omni, customers can perform cross-cloud analytics with ease, and drive business outcomes they couldn’t achieve with the siloed approach offered by other vendors. 

We designed BigQuery to be highly scalable and more open and interoperable so that customers can join data across SQL databases, traditional unstructured data lakes in object storage, and even spreadsheets using any analysis tool. 

Recent innovations like BigQuery BI Engine lets us provide the best analytics experience by delivering sub-second query response times from any business intelligence tool, from Google’s Looker and Connected Sheets to Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, ThoughtSpot, and others. Our goal is to meet customers where they are rather than force them into a one-size-fits-all approach to data analysis. 

With BigQuery, organizations gain both breadth and depth of capabilities to transform their analytics strategy. Forrester also gave BigQuery 5 out of 5 in:

Data-powered innovation 

These advantages enable our customers to accelerate their digital transformation and reimagine their business through data-powered innovation. Google’s leadership across AI, analytics, and databases comes together in a single data cloud platform that provides everyone with the ability to get value out of their data faster.

We bring decades of research and innovation in AI to our customers through industry-leading AI solutions, that in turn helps our customers solve their biggest problems. Our support of open standards and APIs enables interoperability between a variety of services for ingestion, storage, processing and analytics across the data cloud platform. And finally, we believe our multi-layered security approach throughout the data stack ensures redundancy and reliability so that customers can have the peace of mind that their data is always protected. 

We are honored to be a leader in this Forrester Wave™ and look forward to continuing to innovate and partner with you on your digital transformation journey. 

Download the full Forrester Wave™ :Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2021 report. And check out these smart analytics reference patterns. To learn more about BigQuery, visit our website, and get started immediately with the free BigQuery Sandbox.


By Sudhir Hasbe(Director of Product Management, Data Analytics)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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