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Media Giant Grupo Globo Announces Strategic Partnership With Google Cloud for Co-innovation and Business Transformation

Google Cloud will be the main provider of cloud solutions and also a catalyst for innovation for the Brazilian media company.

The goal of the agreement is to optimize Globo’s technology infrastructure and generate new business opportunities through a scalable platform.

Partnership also includes a co-innovation project to integrate Android TV OS resources within the streaming service Globoplay.

São Paulo, Brazil and Sunnyvale, Calif., April, 7, 2021 – Globo and Google Cloud announced today a seven-year strategic partnership. The announcement aligns with Globo’s ongoing digital transformation, its restructuring focused on direct-to-consumer deliveries, and its journey toward becoming a mediatech company. Over the next several years, Globo will use Google’s experience in data management, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), as well as its global, scalable and secure infrastructure, to support the communications company’s digital evolution. As part of the agreement, Google Cloud will also help streamline the production and distribution of content, and focus on the optimization of Globo’s digital platforms, with the goal of generating new business opportunities.

“In recent years, we dove deeply into our processes, so that the company was in fact prepared for the many challenges of the future. This strategic partnership will help us accelerate the main pillars of our transformation, such as focusing on the customer and creating new, more innovative business models. In this sense, we believe that Google Cloud offers us the best solution to face these challenges, bringing innovation and also gains in scale and efficiency to our operation,” said Jorge Nóbrega, Globo’s CEO.

“Our strategic partnership with Globo will bring new innovations to life and will help establish Globo as a true mediatech company,” said Robert Enslin, President Google Cloud. “We are incredibly excited to partner with such an important, globally recognized industry leader, and to further the digital evolution of the media and entertainment industry overall. Together, Globo and Google Cloud will focus on developing and delivering best-in-class experiences to users.”

As a priority cloud provider, Google Cloud will help Globo use AI, ML, and data analytics technologies to accelerate the company’s digital transformation, modernize operations and leverage cloud technologies, in a safe and reliable way. Within the scope of the partnership, Globo will:

  • Migrate 100% of its data centers to Google Cloud, enabling scale in the production and distribution of media, and in launching new channels, among other initiatives;
  • Transfer its content to Google Cloud, as well as its digital products and services, such as Globoplay and the “G family” — and Gshow;
  • Modernize and unify platforms through a cloud-based technological architecture that will serve as the backbone for all services and products of the media conglomerate;
  • Optimize personalized recommendations in real time to its audience. As part of this initiative, Google Cloud will train Globo employees in advanced machine learning knowledge.

Globo and Google Cloud have also established a collaboration framework to catalyze the creation of new solutions for emerging consumer demands and opportunities. The first project as part of that co-innovation work, already in progress, will be the customized integration of Globoplay with Android TV OS, with the objective of combining the programming of open TV (digital signal, broadcast) and TV via internet (broadband). This innovation will result in ways for the public to watch TV Globo via a standard digital signal, creating an integrated TV environment that improves the audience experience and provides new ways to segment content  to viewers.

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About Globo

Latin America’s largest media company, Globo, brings together free-to-air and pay TV channels, in addition to digital products and services. Its linear channels speak to more than 100 million people in Brazil every day. And, thanks to its wide network of partner affiliates that covers the entire country, it is able to be local, regional and national at the same time. In 2018 it started its digital transformation journey, becoming a mediatech company, strongly supported by technology and focused on direct relationships with consumers. It provides audiences a complete viewing experience, which combines the ability to produce high quality content with technological expertise, with distribution on various platforms, such as TV Globo, a free-to-air TV channel; its 26 pay TV channels; its SVOD and streaming platform Globoplay; and digital products: news G1; sports; and entertainment Gshow, among others.

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