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In Case You Missed It: All Our Free Google Cloud Training Opportunities From Q1

No-cost training opportunities remain a core part of how we help you build your cloud knowledge and showcase your cloud competencies. Since January, we’ve introduced a number of opportunities for you to grow your skills, and we wanted to bring them together into one handy resource so you don’t miss out.

Join the Google Cloud 30-day challenge 2021

We kicked off the new year with our new skills challenge, offering four initial cloud skills tracks: Getting Started, Data Analytics, Kubernetes (previously titled Hybrid and Multicloud), and Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Learn more in our blog post, or register for the skills challenge today to get 30 days free access to Google Cloud labs.

Don’t know where to start with Google Cloud? We can help.

Our Google Cloud OnBoard events are a great way to get an introduction from experts on the core components of Google Cloud, as well as an overview of how our tools impact the entire cloud computing landscape. Read more details or watch the training on demand.

Learn how to accelerate data science workflows with Looker

Looker, the modern business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that is now a part of Google Cloud, is more than a BI reporting tool. It’s a full-fledged data application and visualization platform that allows users to curate and publish data. And it integrates with a wide range of endpoints in many different formats, ranging from CSV, JSON, and Excel files to SaaS and in-house built custom applications. Our recent blog post dives into how data analysts and data scientists can use Looker to help with data governance. And for a demonstration of real-life examples of how to use Looker to automate and productionalize data science workflows, watch this on-demand training.

Earn the new ‘Optimize Costs for Google Kubernetes Engine’ Skills Badge

We introduced a new skills badge that tests your ability to run a GKE cluster, ensuring it’s optimized to run an application with all its many microservices and that it can autoscale appropriately to handle both traffic spikes and traffic lulls (where you’ll want to save on your infrastructure costs). Learn more in this blog post or watch this on-demand training to take your first step towards learning how to optimize GKE costs and earning your skill badge.

Looking ahead

This year is only getting started when it comes to learning opportunities. April alone included free AI and machine learning training for fraud detection, chatbots, and more. Check back regularly for the latest updates.

By: The Google Cloud training & certification team
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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