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SRE At Google: Our Complete List Of CRE Life Lessons

In 2016 we announced a new discipline at Google, Customer Reliability Engineering, an offshoot of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Our goal with CRE was (and still is) to create a shared operational fate between Google and our Google Cloud customers, to give you more control over the critical applications you’re entrusting to us. Since then, here on the Google Cloud blog, we’ve published a wealth of resources to help you take the best practices we’ve learned from SRE teams at Google and apply them in your own environments. 

Below is the complete list of CRE life lessons posts we’ve published in the past five years in one convenient location.

Common pitfalls

Service-level metrics


SRE support

Dark launches


Error Budgets

Production Incidents

We still have plenty more articles to come, so keep your eye on our DevOps & SRE channel. You can also check out or read our SRE books online.

By: The Google Cloud editorial team
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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