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Customers Handle Up To 28% More Concurrent Chats With Agent Assist For Chat

Contact Center AI (CCAI) brings Google’s innovation in conversational AI to solve the most challenging customer service needs while lowering operational costs. More than a thousand customers have deployed CCAI and are steadily turning it on to power their production contact centers.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made CCAI even stronger with Agent Assist for Chat, now in public preview.

Agent Assist provides your human agents with continuous support during their calls and now chats by identifying the customers’ intent and providing them with real-time recommendations such as articles and FAQs as well as responses to customer messages to more effectively resolve the conversation.

Customers using Agent Assist for Chat have been able to manage up to 28% more conversations concurrently, while also driving up customer satisfaction by 10%. Additionally, we’ve seen them respond up to 15% faster to chats, reducing chat abandonment rates and solving more customer problems.

Agent Assist provides two key components to help agents manage conversations better: 

  • Smart Reply provides response suggestions to agents so they can quickly and appropriately respond to customer messages. These suggestions can be taken from your top performing agents as well as modified even further to ensure suggestions properly reflect the tone and voice of your brand. Agent Assist learns when and what recommendations to make by building a custom model that’s trained on your (and only your) data.
  • Knowledge Assist unlocks the power of your knowledge base to provide articles and FAQ suggestions to agents in real-time as the conversation progresses. When using Knowledge Assist, agents no longer need to make the customer wait while they navigate multiple applications and data to find the resolution to the customer’s issue — the answer is delivered right to them.  

“We’ve been very impressed by the chat capabilities of Agent Assist,” said Chris Smith, Vice President of Digital Service at Optus, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia

Optus has been using CCAI Dialogflow CX to send queries to virtual agents and sees great potential to use Agent Assist to provide recommendations to their customer support representatives. They expect Agent Assist to help minimize repetitive tasks by providing response and typeahead suggestions, helping improve the efficiency of their agents and the quality and consistency of service they provide.

Another customer, LoveHolidays, is using Agent Assist to support their agents and customers in the travel industry. 

“Agent Assist has been a beneficial aid to agents and our customers alike… It gives us the power to flex our contact center staff levels in hours not weeks,” said Eugene Neale, Director of CX Engineering & Business IT at LoveHolidays

Analysts say online chat is becoming one of the most popular ways to reach out to businesses for customer support. IDC research finds that single-function contact centers worldwide are increasingly rare — in 2020, although phone/voice is still responsible for most interactions (at around 18%); email is responsible for around 13% of interactions, and live chat (without automation) is responsible for around 8% of interactions, according to IDC, Toward the AI-Powered Contact Center, Doc # EUR147017320, December 2020.

Deploying CCAI with Agent Assist for Chat

As part of Google’s Contact Center AI suite, Agent Assist provides a seamless handoff from chats managed by your Dialogflow CX virtual agents. If a conversation or customer requires a live agent, Agent Assist will help your team pick it up quickly and drive it to a satisfying resolution. 

Historically, when managers saw contact center volumes increase they had two choices: allow customers to wait longer to speak to someone (lowering customer satisfaction) or bring on more agents (increasing cost to serve).  Deploying CCAI provides contact center leaders with a third choice: equip agents with tools like, Agent Assist for Chat, to efficiently manage customer interactions while maintaining high quality service.

Global CCAI partners support Agent Assist for Chat

Agent Assist for Chat is a set of public APIs that your engineering team can integrate directly into an agent desktop to control the agent experience from end-to-end. For a more out-of-the-box solution, we have partnered with LivePerson and to build Agent Assist directly into their agent desktops.

“Integrating our Conversational Cloud directly with Agent Assist means agents can leverage cutting-edge productivity AI to build even further on the massive ROI of conversational commerce, from reduced agent effort and time-to-respond to increased customer satisfaction and revenue,” said Alex Spinelli, CTO of LivePerson. 

More Agent Assist resources

To learn more, check out the Agent Assist webpage. Give Agent Assist a try by training a model and then testing it using the Agent Assist simulator.

By: Matt Jones (Product Manager, Agent Assist) and Surbhi Agarwal (Product Marketing, Conversational AI)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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