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Introducing New Docking Stations Designed For Chrome OS Devices

Today, we’re announcing a new category of peripherals in the Works With Chromebook program: docking stations. Over the coming months, you can expect to see new docking stations from partners including TargusHyper, Acer, Belkin,, and more. Designed for Chrome OS, the new docking stations are ideal for workers who are using a Chromebook at home or at the office and need a seamless docking experience no matter where they are. 

Google launched Works With Chromebook in 2020 to develop an ecosystem of peripherals that are certified for compatibility with Chrome OS devices. When you see the Works With Chromebook badge on peripherals, you can be confident that they have been tested and validated to work seamlessly with current and future Chrome OS devices. In the last year, we’ve seen 27 partners develop peripherals for the program, creating hundreds of certified products.

Here’s what you can expect from new Works With Chromebook docking stations.

Automatic firmware updates

These new docks run automatic firmware updates alongside automatic Chrome OS software updates, so employees can always get the most secure, performant OS version with the latest features.

Options for enterprise and remote working

Employees can benefit from two types of docks: larger docks capable of extending up to 3 external displays via HDMI, DP or USB-C, and smaller docks that extend to one external HDMI display for those in need of a more compact, travel-friendly docking solution. 

Compatible with Windows and Mac

Many organizations have mixed device fleets that span platforms, so while these docking stations have been designed for Chrome OS, they’re also compatible with Windows and macOS devices. 

You can read more about other types of peripherals in the Works With Chromebook program here. If you’d like to learn more about how Chrome OS devices can help your business – and play a key role in developing a hybrid work and return to office strategy – check out this post.

By: Kevin Ngo (Program Manager, Works With Chromebook)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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