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Translation API Advanced Can Translate Business Documents Across 100+ Languages

Translation is critical to many developers and localization providers, whether you’re releasing a document, a piece of software, training materials or a website in multiple languages. Companies acquire and share content in many languages and formats, and scaling translation to meet this need is a tall order, due to multiple document formats, integrations with OCR, and correcting for domain terminology. Now, developers can use machine learning to translate faster and more efficiently than ever with Google Cloud’s flagship Translation products.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature to our Google Cloud’s Translation services, Document Translation, now in preview, for Translation API Advanced. This feature allows customers to directly translate documents in 100+ languages and formats such as Docx, PPTx, XLSx, and PDF while preserving document formatting.

One company that’s pulling all this together is Welocalize. It uses Translation API Advanced to translate hundreds of millions of words per year using machine translation in widely disparate enterprise customer scenarios like multimedia, e-learning, and localization.

“Google Cloud’s Translation API has helped us enforce broad terminology coverage for customers with sparse data, providing highly accurate translations for their documents. Translation API’s pre-trained models have allowed us to deliver real-time on demand translation, reducing lag so that our end users can get content in their language in seconds.” – Olga Beregovaya, VP Language Services, Welocalize

Get real-time online translation in seconds

Traditional businesses may use batch-translation for their translation needs, but some companies require more immediate time to value. One of the biggest differentiators for Translation API Advanced’s Document feature is the ability to do real-time (synchronous processing), online translation, for a single file. For example, if you are translating a business document such as human resource (HR) documentation, online translation provides flexibility for customers who have smaller files and want faster results. You can easily integrate with our APIs via REST or gRPC with mobile or browser applications, with instant access to 100+ language pairs so that content can be understandable in any supported language. The figure below shows the workflow in which documents are translated with Translation API Advanced.

Use AutoML Translation to build custom translation models

Instead of the Google managed model, you can also use your own AutoML Translation models to translate documents. The new Document Translation feature translates business documents quickly and easily with our SOTA translation models and also combines Translation API Advanced features to easily control custom translations through a glossary or models you have trained on AutoML. Translation API’s glossary feature helps maintain brand names in translated content. You define the names and vocabulary in your source and target languages, then save the glossary file to your translation project. Those words and phrases will then be automatically included in the copy of your translation request.

Our full Translation portfolio includes Translation API (basic & advanced) for those who want to use pre-trained models for common use cases such as chat applications, social media, and gaming. We also have AutoML Translation to help businesses build high-quality and production-ready custom translation models without writing a single line of code.

This is just the latest example of how Google is continuing to drive AI-powered innovation in extracting structured data from unstructured sources. With Document AI, we brought this technology to some of the largest document based workflows in the world through data extraction and classification. And now with Document Support for Translation API Advanced, we’re delivering document processing solutions to help you translate your business documents at scale.

More Cloud Translation resources

Learn more about our Cloud Translation services on our website. For a technical review of how to use this feature, view the documentation.

By: Sarah Weldon (Product Manager for Google Cloud Translation) and Yang Liang (Product Marketing Manager)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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