College Admissions Offices Meet Recruitment Goals With Deloitte And Google Cloud

Given the May 1 deadline for students to enroll, colleges and universities have been carefully watching the numbers of students who put down deposits and commit to a school. Like nearly every other sector in the U.S., colleges and universities have been hit hard by the pandemic and economic downturn, making enrollment numbers more important than ever to maintain financial health and meet student body goals. Technology and AI-based models are providing a way for institutions to manage their admissions data efficiently and cost-effectively.

For example, an admissions officer may want to offset drops in international or out-of-state enrollment by attracting local talent so they can achieve their target class profile. Additionally, institutions have sought to increase the availability and access of higher ed and are intentionally recruiting more low-income and underrepresented populations. New technologies allow admissions officers to have a stronger grasp of the incoming class’ details. With the press of a button, users can switch between overall, in-state, out-of-state, and international enrollment figures. The “How Do Regions Compare to Last Year” tile lets users view the percentage of change and the total number of candidates by region, comparing 2020 and 2021 side-by-side. With access to data, regional recruiters can focus on individual candidates and develop a plan to change the numbers.

An innovative enrollment strategy at MSU

Michigan State University was looking to improve how they managed the recruiting process. They implemented an enrollment strategy that saw their out-of-state enrollment increase by over 20% and generate $5M in additional net tuition revenue in a single year. “We knew we needed better real-time and predictive insights about our enrollment pipeline, and we understood the value of bringing in external data on prospects, but we couldn’t do that by ourselves. 

The solution really helped us be innovative with our analytics and improve our enrollment outcomes,” said someone close to the project at Michigan State University.

Data-driven insights support informed enrollment decisions

Student admissions and marketing groups are turning to Google Cloud and Deloitte to help support their enrollment decisions with predictive, actionable insights across recruiting and admissions processes. The partnership resulted in Candidate360, a solution that helps institutions process and analyze large amounts of data and develop meaningful insights to support their enrollment goals and mission. Part of Google’s Student Success Services offerings, Candidate360 uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to help higher education institutions improve enrollment and matriculation, as well as optimize financial aid decisions.

With nine AI/ML models, Candidate360’s capabilities help university leaders, enrollment teams and recruiters do things like:

  • Identify regions with clusters of candidates or see dips in application numbers
  • Deploy marketing resources and admissions staff to the right geographic areas 
  • Understand applicants’ needs in terms of academics, safety, and social activities
  • Make intelligent financial aid decisions to recruit and retain talented students from underrepresented communities
  • Respond faster to the students who are most likely to be accepted and then go on to enroll, stay enrolled, and graduate
  • Work towards the ideal class composition and increase competitiveness with peer institutions

Enhancing the student experience

Enrollment is the first key touchpoint with incoming students, and tools like Candidate360 can help institutions build a student preferences profile throughout the application process. They can understand each student’s prospective major, areas of interest, dream job, and more, allowing colleges and universities to personalize recommendations and advising for enrolled students.

With integrated toolsets, Candidate360 and Google Cloud’s Student Success Services can help colleges and universities emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever. 

To see a demonstration of Candidate360 in action, contact our sales team. 

By: Jesus Trujillo Gomez (Strategic Business Executive, Education & Research, Google Cloud) and Peter Fritz (Senior Manager, Higher Education Strategy & Analytics, Deloitte)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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