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Transforming Your Business With The Data Cloud

I’m so excited to be part of Google Cloud. Data has been a longstanding part of my career and it is at the heart of business transformation. Many companies have mastered the ability to collect data and have mechanisms in place to draw on some of it to solve business problems.  But most data collected piles up and is never put to a useful purpose. Accessing it and mining it for helpful insights is practically impossible at many companies. It’s always stuck in hard to reach places, fragmented across departments and unavailable when you need it the most.  

Our mission at Google Cloud is to accelerate your ability to digitally transform your business with data. Solving data challenges is in our DNA, and over the last two decades we’ve been in a unique position to help our customers get the most out of data to drive real business value.  

Google products are used and loved by billions of people across the globe. These products bring together the complex web of disconnected, disparate, and rapidly changing data that makes up the internet. When you get an answer in milliseconds from via a simple search bar, you know we have this down to a science. Google Cloud brings this expertise in data and software together for businesses of all sizes so that you can gain advantage from your data. We call this the data cloud. 

Enter the data cloud

data cloud offers a comprehensive and proven approach to cloud and embraces the full data lifecycle, from the systems that run your business, where data is born, to analytics that support decision making, to AI and machine learning (ML) that predict and automate the future. A data cloud allows you a way to securely unify data across your entire organization, so you can break down silos, increase agility, innovate faster, get value from your data, and support business transformation. This is the heart of the data cloud.

Why a data cloud is essential

Building a data cloud using Google Cloud’s technologies helps organizations accelerate business transformation by giving everyone access to the right information at the right time so that they can act more intelligently based on it.

Since I’ve joined Google, I’ve been not only inspired by the work that the team has done to build products with a user-first mindset, but our customers have been an inspiration to each of us in what’s possible. 

  • The Home Depot built a data cloud using Google Cloud technologies to help keep 50,000+ items stocked at over 2,000 locations. They’re making their 400,000+ associates smarter by giving them visibility into the things each customer needs, like item location within a local store. By leveraging BigQuery, their query performance dropped from hours and days to seconds and minutes. The Home Depot also uses Cloud SQLSpanner, and Bigtable for their operational use cases and AI to help locate goods using their mobile apps for in-store navigation. 
  • Major League Baseball (MLB) is reimagining the fan experience with their data cloud. To build engagement with today’s fans, drive engagement with future generations, and lay the groundwork for future innovation, MLB consolidated its infrastructure and migrated to Google Cloud’s AnthosGoogle Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL, and BigQuery. MLB tracks every moment of every game for an audience on seven continents with Cloud SQL,  this valuable data to drive deeper engagement with fans.
  • Vodafone is using their data cloud to offer their customers new, personalized products and services across multiple markets. By identifying more than 700 use cases to deliver new products and services, Vodafone can support fact-based decision-making, reduce costs, remove duplication of data sources, and simplify operations.  With Google Cloud,  Vodafone’s operating companies in multiple countries can access improved data analytics, intelligence, and machine-learning capabilities. 

Here are four reasons why customers trust  Google Cloud to build their data cloud strategy: 

First, Google  delivers insights at planet scale  

Customers often gravitate to Google Cloud for our specific data tools that were built for Google’s internal data needs and are unmatched for speed, scale, security, and capability for any size organization. BigQuery is the leading solution for analytics and allows you to run analytics at scale with a 99.99% SLA and up to 34% lower TCO than cloud data warehouse alternatives. Spanner provides unlimited scale, global consistency across regions, and high availability up to 99.999%, at a TCO that is 78% lower compared to on-prem databases and 37% lower than other cloud optionsFirestore continues to see rapid adoption with over 2M databases created to power mobile, web, and IoT applications across customer environments. And finally Looker, an API for all your data, offers a single shared place for people and apps to interact with it, no matter the cloud environment. 

Second, Google’s AI helps your business be more intelligent

Google was built on pioneering AI research and the principle of making the world’s information useful to people and businesses everywhere. AI powers some of Google’s most popular products, such as Search, Maps, Ads, and YouTube. We have leveraged this expertise to deliver a new, unified AI platform that gives every data scientist, data analyst, and ML engineer access to the same AI toolkit Google uses. Automated machine learning, accelerated experimentation and custom training, and more deployed models than any other platform enable your entire data team to drive business outcomes at any scale. 

Third, Google is the open data platform 

Google Cloud’s open platform gives customers maximum flexibility for managing transactional, analytical, and AI-based applications. Customers can choose from a wide range of transactional, processing, and analytics engines, open source tools, open APIs, and ML services to eliminate lock-in. This includes choice of deployment across multi-cloud and hybrid environments and easy interoperability with existing partner solutions and investments. With BigQuery Omni, organizations can choose to deploy their data warehousing solution to work natively with AWS or with Azure (coming soon). Looker supports 50+ distinct SQL dialects across multiple clouds and our database services like Cloud SQL, one of the fastest growing services at Google Cloud, offers familiar open source MySQL and PostgreSQL standard connection drivers, so you can work with your preferred tools and stay up-to-date with the latest community enhancements. In addition, Google offers an unrivaled developer community across the fields of AI, machine learning, mobile, application development, microservices, and access to third party solutions and open source systems. 

Fourth, Google offers a trusted platform for your data needs

Customers can take advantage of the same secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in data protection, and global network that Google uses to ensure compliance, redundancy, and reliability. All of Google’s data is encrypted in transit and at rest, by default. Google offers industry-leading reliability across regions so you’re always up and running. Spanner offers a 99.999% SLA and BigQuery offers a 99.99% SLA. For BI and embedded analytics, Looker supports data governance via a semantic layer that organizes your data and stores your business logic centrally, delivering consistent and trusted KPIs. And finally, our multi-layered security approach across hardware, services, user identity, storage, internet communication and operations provides peace of mind that your data is protected.

Learn more at Data Cloud Summit

We are committed to helping you build a data cloud that gives you deep insights into your business and process automation. Join me as I welcome Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Zebra and 

Gil Perez, CIO of Deutsche Bank at the Data Cloud Summit on May 26, 2021 to learn and share new ways to use data for good. I can’t wait to hear what you accomplish.

By: Gerrit Kazmaier (Vice President & General Manager, Databases, Analytics & Looker)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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