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Simplifying API Operations With AI As You Scale Your API Programs

APIs are the backbone of digital transformation. Via APIs, you can securely share data and functionality with developers both inside and outside of your organizational boundaries, letting you build applications faster, seamlessly connect and interact with partners, and drive new business revenue. 

Because APIs encompass business-critical information, any downtime or performance degradation can lead to significant loss in revenue, customers, and brand value. Therefore, there’s mounting pressure on operations teams to ensure that APIs are always available and performing as expected. If the APIs go down, so too do the services that fuel customer experiences and on which the organization relies for collaboration and business processes.

However, as you build and scale your API programs, it becomes practically impossible for API operators to manually monitor and manage all your APIs. To help, we brought the power of industry-leading AI and ML technologies to API operations via Apigee X, a major release of our API management platform. Apigee X seamlessly weaves together Google Cloud’s expertise in AI, security and networking to help you efficiently build and manage APIs at scale. 

Put your API data into action

Apigee applies machine learning to your API metadata and provides you the required tools that simplify various aspects of API operations. A great example of AI for APIs is anomaly detection: 

  • AI-powered rules trigger alerts based on a set of predefined conditions that are determined by applying Google’s industry-leading machine learning models to your historical API data.
  • Auto-thresholds adjust the monitoring criteria of your APIs and set them to pattern-based values. 
  • Reduce overhead results because operators don’t have to manually monitor anomalies or adjust the monitoring thresholds on APIs.

“By applying AI and ML models to our historical API data, these advanced features are able to alert us about scenarios we haven’t thought of. Such automation capabilities significantly reduce our upfront efforts. And from a security perspective, the actionable insights help us ensure that our proxies are exposed only over secure HTTPs ports and adhere to compliance requirements. We’re also able to closely monitor user activity and quickly pull out reports during audits.” – Adam Brancato, Sr. Manager, Global Technology and Security at Citrix

As our customers scale their API programs, they find it extremely useful to harness AI-powered capabilities.  In our recent State of the API Economy 2021 report, we found a 230% increase in enterprises’ use of anomaly detection, bot protection, and security analytics features.

To learn more about Apigee X, and see AI and machine learning in action, check out this video, and to try Apigee X for free, click here.

By: Vikas Anand (Head of Product (Director) – Business Application Platform, Google Cloud)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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