Online Brand VidaXL To Partner With Google Cloud On Data-Driven Growth Plans

The Netherlands-based brand will migrate its SAP systems to Google Cloud for more advanced analytics and greater scale

Amsterdam, Netherlands and Sunnyvale, Calif., May 25, 2021  Google Cloud and vidaXL today announced they have entered into a three-year partnership to facilitate the digital growth ambitions of the international online brand. In order to provide better scalability, continuity, and flexibility of its IT systems, vidaXL will migrate a part of their IT infrastructure for core SAP workloads such as ERP Central Component (ECC) and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) to Google Cloud.  

vidaXL is a fast-growing international online brand, active in 29 countries and headquartered in the Netherlands. By moving from on-premises IT infrastructure to Google Cloud, the brand’s goal is to build new tools, capabilities, and an organizational culture that acts on data—particularly from its SAP systems that include transactions, customer behavior, supply chain information, and more. By leveraging Google Cloud’s leading cloud infrastructure, data management, and analytics capabilities, vidaXL will be able to flex with the demands of customers as well as drive its business strategy via data-driven decisions, delivering new and more personalized shopping experiences for its customers.

vidaXL offers a wide range of products in categories such as furniture, sports, home and garden, and hardware. To meet evolving customer demand, vidaXL regularly expands its product groups and enters new markets through a wide range of channels and the company is increasingly turning to data to inform these decisions. Doing so at scale means that vidaXL’s IT teams must manage and analyze large, often disparate, sets of data. Migrating its SAP workloads to Google Cloud enables the company to leverage highly flexible infrastructure and cloud native services such as BigQuery, helping significantly reduce the time it takes vidaXL to process and analyze critical SAP data, and providing a secure, reliable, and scalable foundation for future expansion.

Ted van Dongen, CIO of vidaXL: “Selecting Google Cloud as our provider of choice was a logical and valuable IT decision. vidaXL is growing at pace, and our customers are at the heart of everything we do. By investing in an open cloud infrastructure, we can scale and keep up with our customer needs. And speed is exactly what it’s all about: we’re not just growing, we’re growing very fast. And with Google Cloud, we can facilitate that now.”

Joris Schoonis, Country Manager of Google Cloud in the Benelux: “Brands like vidaXL possess vast quantities of data, often in SAP systems, which can be leveraged for better insights into customer behavior and market trends. We are proud to partner with vidaXL to bring these business critical systems and data into the cloud, and to help build a data-driven foundation for future growth.”

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