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Transforming The Consumer Goods Industry With SAP On Google Cloud

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry was facing disruption. Consumers have come to expect personalized and seamless experiences at every point in their relationship with a brand. Additionally, consumers are expecting CPG brands to meet rising standards for sustainability, social responsibility, and transparency. Business models are shifting as well. Direct-to-consumer and subscription models have been gaining ground on traditional business models. Add in the CPG industry’s ever-present pressure for wider profit margins and the effects of the global pandemic, and you get a perfect storm of disruption. 

Leading CPG companies are responding to these changes by capitalizing on the potential of emerging technologies and leveraging the power of the cloud to create digital enterprises. In doing so, they can unlock value through reduced operational costs, faster innovation, improved marketing ROI, and greater transparency and sustainability—among other benefits. For businesses that run on SAP, accessing these benefits requires creating a digital enterprise with SAP at its heart. 

What CPG can expect from SAP on Google Cloud

SAP drives core business processes across most enterprise functions in CPG companies, and modernizing these operations is step one in unlocking next-level data and analytics capabilities. Creating a digital enterprise with SAP at the core requires establishing a digital foundation on a cloud platform capable of supporting and optimizing SAP workloads well into the future. From there, CPG companies can leverage the combination of SAP data and additional data signals to support high-value use cases utilizing the advanced analytics capabilities of the cloud

For CPG companies, running a successful digital enterprise in this climate depends on the power of the cloud because of the unmatched agility, security, scale, and flexibility offered by cloud technologies. More and more, consumer brands are turning to Google Cloud to host their applications—including core enterprise applications such as SAP—to drive business agility and maximize the value of data through smart analytics and machine learning. Google Cloud establishes a digital foundation for SAP customers by simplifying SAP deployments and offering  a suite of applications that integrates with and enhances SAP functionality. A Forrester study on the total economic value of Google Cloud for SAP customers found an average payback of less than six months and a total ROI of over 160%. By turning to Google Cloud to run their SAP systems, companies are able to: 

  • Maximize insights 
    CPG enterprise data is often fragmented across disparate systems. Google’s analytics tools including BigQuery and Looker allow businesses to connect customer, operational and business data at scale by unifying data from SAP systems with other Google data signals such as Ads, Maps, Shopping or Google Marketing Platform. This precious data is fully democratized, allowing for complex queries to be completed rapidly so companies can uncover and analyze insights and create an end-to-end view of the consumer and the business.
  • Create an intelligent organization
    Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities allow businesses to create built-in intelligence. Instead of reacting to trends, they can accurately predict them. For marketing teams, this could be the ability to evaluate promotions and effectiveness of marketing spend. For forecasting, product quantities and restock timing can be better planned. Supply chain optimization can include external data sources to closely monitor inventory and eliminate stock outs. 
  • Future-proof your business
    Running SAP systems on Google Cloud creates an agile, secure and highly available environment that scales quickly as a business grows and as the CPG market evolves. A recent study conducted by IDC showed that SAP on Google Cloud deployments resulted in a 46% lower three-year cost of operations with 83% less frequent unplanned downtime and 56% more efficient IT teams. This frees IT resources to drive innovation and customer centricity. 
  • Deliver on sustainability 
    Around the globe, consumers are becoming more and more demanding regarding sustainability. The impact of climate change and the abundance of plastic waste is only fueling this trend. Consumers are leaning into social signalling, and CPG companies are taking note. Sustainable IT is step #1, significantly advanced by  moving applications to Google Cloud, the cleanest cloud in the industry. We’ve neutralized all of our carbon emissions since our founding in 1998 and matched 100% of our electricity consumption with renewable energy purchases since 2017. Google Cloud allows SAP enterprises to further drive sustainability compliance and business objectives with AI and ML tools that can drive down waste and provide real-time decision making power to support proactive green initiatives. 

Rémy Cointreau is in high spirits after deploying SAP in the Google Cloud

Rémy Cointreau, a family-owned international maker of fine spirits, has products that can take up to one-hundred years to produce. But this long production cycle presents some unique challenges in today’s hyper-competitive premium beverage brands market. Since 1724, the company has been consumed with putting its customers first. In 2020, the company realized it was failing to capitalize on the benefits that the cloud can provide and began searching for a business partner that could help with this transformation.  

Rémy Cointreau made the move to Google Cloud for many reasons. First, the company could connect its SAP backbone to key SaaS applications like Salesforce. This enabled the creation of a 360-view of data among its ecommerce platform, SAP, and Salesforce to deliver sophisticated customer experiences that reflect the heart of the brand. The Rémy Cointreau team quickly realized they now had the ability to be more agile in their finance, manufacturing, and supply chain functions with easy access to valuable SAP system data that drives decision-making. Sebastien Huet, the company’s CTO, explains: “Now that we’re fully deployed on Google Cloud Platform, anything is possible. We can pull data in from multiple sources via integration and analyze it in a matter of days. We don’t need a three-month project to see value.”  

In today’s on-demand, omnichannel world, it’s not enough for CPG brands to understand their consumers. For companies like Rémy Cointreau, it is mission-critical that they anticipate consumer preferences and deliver personalized experiences. The winners will be the companies that can reduce time to insights by treating all their data as strategic assets, breaking down data silos to enable real-time business intelligence. With SAP on Google Cloud, CPGs are transforming consumer relationships and business outcomes.

Are you ready to change how your CPG brand operates? Check out this video and read the Google Cloud for SAP CPG customer white paper and ebook.  Learn more about how your peers are leveraging SAP on Google Cloud to evolve their businesses.

By: Giusy Buonfantino (Vice President, Consumer Packaged Goods Solutions, Google Cloud)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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