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Private Catalog: Improving Terraform Deployment Management Experiences

As an enterprise admin, when you choose to use Google Cloud Private Catalog to enable curated, self-serve Google Cloud infrastructure provisioning, you need the ability to manage your organization’s deployments. Today, we’re pleased to announce support for several improvements to Terraform driven deployments through Private Catalog. 

With this new release, you can update Terraform configurations and keep your end users informed about updates. At the same time, Private Catalog users have the ability to view new updates, note version highlights and then update the deployment. This gives you greater control over managing deployments for solutions provisioned through Private Catalog and ensuring compliance with organizational policies and standards.

Let’s take a closer look at the features you’ll find in this release. 

Deployment change management

Terraform solutions use Cloud Storage’s Object Versioning to manage updates to configuration files. With this release, you may update configuration files using multiple approaches.

  • Update the solution’s Cloud Storage object with a new configuration version
  • Use a different Cloud Storage object that contains a new configuration file

Once you view and apply the changes to the solution in a Private Catalog, end users are immediately able to consume the new version of the deployment configuration.

Pending updates

Additionally, prior to applying any changes, you can evaluate the contents of an update by comparing versions to download and compare the current and latest versions of the configuration and use new version highlights to add a description about the updates.

Compare versions

Update configuration

Ease of consumption

Once Private Catalog detects a change to the deployment configuration, it automatically informs catalog users about the change. On the Solutions page, end users have the ability to:

  • Get informed about solutions that have updates
  • View version highlights published by the admin
  • Apply the new version 

Additionally, with this release, Catalog users can retry existing deployments by modifying deployment parameters.

Reporting improvements

The deployment reporting dashboards for Private Catalog-based deployments now show additional information about the version of a solution deployed. This enables deeper insights into the overall deployment status across all Private Catalog solution assets.

Admin deployment list

End user deployment list

Get started today

These new features are available to all Private Catalog customers. To learn how to use these features, refer to our documentation:

By: Abhijit Chatterjee (Product Manager) and Thomas Stanton (UX Researcher)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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