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Private Catalog: Enabling Easier Curation Of Cloud Marketplace Products

Google Cloud’s Private Catalog lets enterprise admins easily curate marketplace products and custom solutions for their users to consume. Today, we’re pleased to announce several improvements to the curation experience for software-as-a-service (SaaS) products that you procure from the Google Cloud Marketplace. With this release, admins can add these Marketplace products to the Private Catalog using a simplified click-through workflow. 

Product catalog management

As an enterprise admin, you may want your users to access and deploy specific SaaS products from the Marketplace. 

After you procure a product from the Marketplace, you can add it to a catalog using the “Add to Private Catalog” button from the product’s Details page. You’re then presented with a list of catalogs to which you can add the product. Once you pick a catalog and proceed, the product is added to the solutions list for the Private Catalog. Post procurement, you can also add a product to a catalog at any point from the Marketplace product details page.

Add to Private Catalog button in Marketplace product detail page

Add product to Catalog(s)

Confirmation message stating that product has been added to the selected Catalog

Ease of consumption

Once you curate a product, a user who navigates to your organization’s Private Catalog page can view the SaaS product’s listing. On clicking into the Private Catalog solution detail page, users can view information about the product including information added by the admin regarding internal usage guidelines for the product. 

From the Catalog Details page, users can use the ‘View in Marketplace’ button to navigate to the Marketplace details page. On the Marketplace details page, the user can take other actions such as clicking on the “Manage on Provider” button to configure and use the SaaS product.

Private Catalog solution detail page

Get started today

These new features are available to all Private Catalog customers. To learn more about these features and how to get started, refer to our documentation for adding a product from the Marketplace.

By: Abhijit Chatterjee (Product Manager) and Thomas Stanton (UX Researcher)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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