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Google Delivers 5G Network Slicing Capabilities For Enterprises

Building on the recent releases of the Android 12 operating system and Google Distributed Cloud, Google is paving the way for communication service providers (CSPs) as well as enterprises to deliver enterprise applications and services over 5G network slices, for enhanced application security, reliability, and performance. 

5G network slicing enables virtual mobile networks to be created dynamically with varying properties utilizing shared underlying physical resources. 5G slicing is one of the key areas of innovations that will let CSPs earn a return on their investments in 5G, by offering a secure and dynamic network platform to enterprises. For enterprises, meanwhile, the true value of network slicing will be realized when the ecosystems for devices, network, edge cloud, and applications work together seamlessly and automatically. 

With the depth of our technology focused on 5G network slicing, enterprises can boost application performance through a dedicated network channel that’s optimized for higher bandwidth, lower latency, higher reliability, and increased security and isolation. For example, financial institutions can deliver critical and sensitive data to employees’ mobile devices, while enterprises of all types can use network slices to deploy secure WFH connectivity for their employees.

Android’s support for 5G enterprise network slicing routes application traffic on managed devices on CSPs’ 5G networks. For devices provisioned with a work profile, data from work apps will be routed over an enterprise network slice. CSPs looking for more in-depth information on Android’s 5G network slicing implementation can visit the Android SAC site

5G slicing is just one of the exciting developments in the mobile sphere. In addition, edge computing is critical to the 5G slicing ecosystem allowing application functionality to be processed at the edge while managed in a centralized cloud, further enhancing performance, resilience and operational continuity. CSPs must consider three core attributes to ensure enterprises get value from 5G slicing: 1) Enterprise tools and device integration, 2) turn-key network and cloud automation, and 3) compelling use cases. This is where choosing the right partner becomes critical, and Google is working across the ecosystem to ensure these attributes are seamlessly implemented.

The support of 5G network slicing capabilities for enterprises was validated in partnership with both Ericsson and Nokia through a successful integration of 5G radio access networks (RAN) and 5G core network solutions with test units of the recently released Pixel 6 smartphone running the Android 12 operating system. Additionally, Far EasTone (FET), Android, and Ericsson collaborated on an end-to-end demonstration of 5G Network Slicing with 5G URSP. This demonstration showcased URSP capability on the Google Pixel 6 to direct work apps traffic over the enterprise slice.

To unlock the value of 5G slicing, CSPs must consider how they want to participate across the wider 5G ecosystem, which is rapidly extending beyond mere connectivity. With Pixel devices, Android OS, Google Distributed Cloud, and applications, in partnership with CSPs, Google is creating optimal value for both 5G providers and enterprises.

By: Ankur Jain (Distinguished Engineer, Google Cloud) and Sat K (Engineering Director, Android)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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