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Easily Connect Saas Platforms To Google Cloud With Eventarc

Last year, we launched Eventarc, a unified eventing platform with 90+ sources of events from Google Cloud, helping make it a more programmable cloud. 

We recognize that most Google Cloud customers utilize a myriad of platforms to run their business, from internal IT systems, to hosted vendor software and SaaS services. 

Creating and maintaining integrations between these platforms is time consuming and complex. With third-party sources in Eventarc, adding integrations between supported SaaS platforms and your applications in Google Cloud is easier than ever.

Today we are happy to announce the Public Preview of third-party sources in Eventarc, with the first cohort of sources provided by ecosystem partners.

Here are some highlights of this exciting new platform:

  • Simple Discovery and Setup: Configure an integration in two easy steps. 
  • Fully managed event infrastructure: With Eventarc, there is nothing to maintain or manage so connecting your SaaS ecosystem to Google Cloud couldn’t be simpler.
  • Consistency: Third-party sources are consistent with the rest of Eventarc, including a consistent trigger configuration and invocations in CloudEvents Format.
  • Trigger multiple workloads: All supported Eventarc destinations are available to target with third party source triggers (Cloud Functions Gen2, Cloud Run, GKE, and Cloud Workflows). 
  • Built-in Filtering: Filter on most CloudEvent attributes to allow for robust and easy filtering in the Eventarc trigger.

Today, we’re happy to introduce our first cohort of third-party sources. These partners help to improve the value of the connected cloud, and open new exciting use cases for our customers.

The Datadog source is available today in public preview (codelab, setup instructions).
Available in public preview today (setup instructions).
The Lacework source is available in private preview. Sign up today.
The Check Point CloudGuard source is available in private preview. Sign up today.

Next steps

To learn more about third-party providers offering an Eventarc source, to run through the quickstart, or to provide feedback please see the links below.

By: Bryan Zimmerman (Product Manager)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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