New Google Maps Platform Launch Stages And What They Mean For You

Your users expect reliability and predictability, so we want to make it easier for you to identify the commitments behind the Google Maps Platform services that power your applications. Consistent launch stages communicate the capabilities, support, and production-readiness of the products and features you’re using. We’ve updated our launch stages to: Experimental, Preview, and General Availability. These launch stage names will help you decide when you’re ready to try new products and features, depending on your needs.

Starting today, all new Google Maps Platform offerings will launch in Experimental, Preview or General Availability. You can find full details about them in our launch stages documentation. At a high level, Experimental products are focused on getting customer feedback about a prototype. At Preview, products or features are ready for you to test and evaluate. Preview releases also give you time to update or test your code before adopting it for production use. At General Availability, services are designed to be stable, ready for production use, and come with full Service-level Objective/Service-level Agreement support. At each stage, some products or features may not always be universally available–they may be available to a limited group of customers based on country, industry, or other factors.

We hope this update helps you build with confidence with Google Maps Platform.

For more information on Google Maps Platform, visit our website.

By: Patrick Callahan (Senior Technical Program Manager)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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