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We’re excited to bring you two new demos that showcase how Google Maps Platform products and features can come together to help you build unique, interactive geospatial experiences. The demos incorporate some of our newest capabilities like Advanced Markers, Data-driven styling, and the Routes API, plus other capabilities like Cloud-based maps styling, Street View and more. As you go through these demo, we hope that they inspire you to build something you’re passionate about, using our APIs.Each demo features its own destination-inspired soundtrack, so don’t forget to turn your speakers up!

Take an interactive tour of Barcelona

In the Landmark Day in Barcelona demo, you’ll enjoy a grand tour of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks and unearth hidden mementos, while learning how to create your own custom maps.

A Landmark Day in Barcelona demoGo retro with the map in TokyoIn the Retro Tokyo demo, you’ll take an 80’s-inspired tour across Tokyo, collect retro souvenirs like VHS tapes, and explore advanced Google Maps Platform features to create your own geospatial experiences.

Retro Tokyo demoEnter the Google Maps Platform hackathonYou have an opportunity to build something new with our platform and win a prize for it by entering the Google Maps Platform Hackathon on Devpost. The hackathon will accept submissions until November 14, and there will be up to four grand prize winners and four honorable mentions with up to $24,000 USD in total prizes.

Check out the hackathon page for the official rules and requirements, including for eligibility. For more inspiration, check out our demo gallery.

We can’t wait to see what you build.

For more information on Google Maps Platform, visit our website.

By: Dan Meyer (Product Marketing Manager, Google Maps Platform)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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