Unlocking The Power Of Connected Vehicle Data And Advanced Analytics With BigQuery

As software-defined vehicles continue to advance and the quantity of digital services grows to meet consumer demand, the data required to provide these services continue to grow as well. This makes automotive manufacturers and suppliers look for capabilities to log and analyze data, update applications, and extend commands to in-vehicle software.The challenges the automotive sector faces can be quantified. A modern vehicle contains upwards of 70 electronic control units (ECUs), most of which are connected to one or more sensors. Not only is it now possible to exactly measure many aspects of vehicle performance, but new options become available. Using LIDAR (light detection and ranging), for example, vehicles are achieving higher levels of autonomy; this leads to a data stream from such demanding applications that may reach 25 GB per hour. For the in-vehicle processing of data, 100 million lines of software code may be present — more than a fighter jet. This in-vehicle code will have to be maintained with updates and new functionalities.

Access to the data will allow manufacturers to gain valuable insights into operational details of their vehicles. The use of this data can help to reduce costs and risks, increase ROI, support ESG initiatives, and provide valuable insights to develop innovative solutions and shorten the time to value for Electric Vehicle innovations.

Sibros’ Deep Connected Platform (DCP) makes it possible for these manufacturers to build and launch new connected vehicle use cases from production to post-sale at scale by connecting and managing all software and data throughout every life cycle stage. A key component of this platform is the Sibros Deep Logger that provides capabilities like the following:

  • Full configurability of what to record, when to record it, and how fast to record it.
  • High resolution timestamps of all Controller Area Network (CAN) messages.
  • Dynamic application of live log configurations to receive new data points without deploying new software.

For example, properly analyzed engine data enables true predictive maintenance for the first time, which creates the option to repair or replace components before failure happens. Another example would be the evaluation of data regarding the use of certain in-car features with the goal to redesign its interior.

Two other components of the DCP are software updates and remote commands to ECUs. The DCP on Google Cloud enables seamless integration with any vehicle architecture and provides OEMs and suppliers with the platform to manage connected vehicle data at rest and in transit using a proven and secure way on a global scale.

OEMs can pull data through APIs provided by Sibros into Google Data Cloud (including BigQuery) to gain access to the rich information data sets provided by the DCP within their environment and blend this data with their first party data sets to provide value insights for their business. Some of the Connected Vehicle insights that DCP information enables are:

  • Damage prevention, improved operation, or development of the next generation of engines with insights from complex analyses that could consider parameters like model, engine type, mileage, overall speed, temperature, air pressure, load, services, and more.
  • The combination of electric vehicle battery usage data like charging cycles, engine performance, and battery age with contributing factors as the use of the air conditioning to determine if such factors contribute to hazardous battery conditions and for improved battery development.
  • Cross-organization collaboration in R&D by the provision of information on all these metrics and more from real-world driving, like engine knock data and even tire pressure.

Google Cloud’s unified data cloud offering provides a complete platform for building data-driven applications like those from Sibros — from simplified data ingestion, processing, and storage to powerful analytics, AI, ML, and data sharing capabilities — integrated with Google Cloud. With a diverse partner ecosystem and support for multi-cloud, open-source tools and APIs, Google Cloud provides Sibros the portability and the extensibility they need to avoid data lock-in.

“Software has an ever increasing importance in the automotive world, even more so with electric vehicles and new mobility services. Google Cloud is partnering with Sibros to bring their award winning Deep Connected Platform to deliver high frequency, low latency over-the-air software updates, data logging & diagnostics capabilities to our automotive customers, leveraging the security and scale of Google Cloud. This is revolutionizing everything from development cycles to business models and customer relationships.” —Matthias Breunig, Director, Global Automotive Solutions, Google Cloud

Through Built with BigQuery, Google Cloud is helping tech companies like Sibros build innovative applications on Google’s Data Cloud with simplified access to technology, helpful and dedicated engineering support, and joint go-to-market programs.

“Sibros is looking forward to partnering with Google Cloud, which will enable vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to reach the next level in their use of data. Sibros solutions for Deep Data Logging and Updating on the Google Data Cloud, combined with Google BigQuery, will help them to mitigate risks, reduce costs, add innovative products, and introduce value-added use cases.”Xiaojian Huang, Chief Digital Officer, Software, Sibros

Sibros and Google Cloud are driving Connected Mobility transformation to help our customers accelerate R&D innovation, power efficient operations, and unlock software-defined vehicle use cases with a full stack connected vehicle platform. Click here to learn more about Sibros on Google Cloud.

By: Yemi Falokun (ISV Solutions Architect, Google Cloud) and Albert Lilly (Chief Marketing Office, Sibros)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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