Cloud Skill Boost Preparation For GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

A GCP Associate Cloud Engineer requires broad knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform. There is a large range of things to study, and while it may not need a deep level of practice, a good amount of hands-on experience is still recommended. The exam might not be hands-on or laboratory-based (as of now). Accomplishing the following will certainly improve your skills.

If you have Cloud Skill Boost account and subscriptions here are some of the Quest, Course and Lab that can be taken to study for the exam:

  • Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure [Course]
  • Create and Manage Cloud Resources [Quest]
    • A Tour of Google Cloud Hands-on Labs
    • Creating a Virtual Machine or Compute Engine: Qwik Start – Windows
    • Getting Started with Cloud Shell and gcloud
    • Kubernetes Engine: Qwik Start
    • Set Up Network and HTTP Load Balancers
    • Create and Manage Cloud Resources: Challenge Lab
  • Cloud Engineering [Quest]
    • Cloud IAM: Qwik Start
    • Introduction to SQL for BigQuery and Cloud SQL
    • Multiple VPC Networks
    • Cloud Monitoring: Qwik Start
    • Managing Deployments Using Kubernetes Engine
  • Networking Fundamentals in Google Cloud [Quest]
    • VPC Networking Fundamentals
    • HTTP Load Balancer with Cloud Armor
    • Create an Internal Load Balancer
    • HTTP Load Balancer with Cloud Armor
    • Automating the Deployment of Networks with Terraform
  • Understanding Your Google Cloud Costs [Quest]
    • Setting up Your Cloud Billing account
    • Organising your Google Cloud resources
    • Managing Cloud Billing accounts
    • Managing Cloud Billing access permissions
    • Google Cloud resource management
    • Knowledge Check: Managing Your Billing Account
    • Tracking and understanding your Google Cloud costs
    • Understanding your Google Cloud invoice
    • Exploring your Google Cloud costs with Cloud Billing reports
    • A Tour of Google Cloud Hands-on Labs
    • Understanding and Analysing Your Costs with Google Cloud Billing Reports
    • Exporting your Billing Data and Creating Custom Dashboards
    • Analysing Billing Data with BigQuery
    • Visualizing Billing Data with Looker Studio
    • Examining BigQuery Billing Data in Google Sheets
  • Security & Identity Fundamentals [Quest]
    • Cloud IAM: Qwik Start
    • IAM Custom Roles
    • Service Accounts and Roles: Fundamentals
    • VPC Network Peering
    • User Authentication: Identity-Aware Proxy
    • Getting Started with Cloud KMS
    • Google Cloud Packet Mirroring with OpenSource IDS
    • Setting up a Private Kubernetes Cluster
    • Securing Google Cloud with CFT Scorecard
  • Kubernetes in Google Cloud [Quest]
    • Introduction to Docker
    • Kubernetes Engine: Qwik Start
    • Orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes
    • Managing Deployments Using Kubernetes Engine
    • Continuous Delivery with Jenkins in Kubernetes Engine
  • Cloud SQL [Quest]
    • Introduction to SQL for BigQuery and Cloud SQL
    • Cloud SQL for MySQL: Qwik Start or Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL: Qwik Start
    • Loading Data into Google Cloud SQL
    • Cloud SQL with Terraform
    • Using Ruby on Rails with Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL on Cloud Run
    • APIs Explorer: Cloud SQL
    • Connect to Cloud SQL from an Application in Kubernetes Engine
  • Cloud Spanner – Database Fundamentals [Lab]
  • Manage Bigtable on Google Cloud [Quest]
    • Designing and Querying Bigtable Schemas
    • Creating and Populating a Bigtable Instance
    • Streaming Data to Bigtable
    • Monitoring and Managing Bigtable Health and Performance
    • Manage Bigtable on Google Cloud: Challenge Lab

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