Introducing The Google Cloud Partner All-Stars Program

At Google Cloud, we have deep gratitude for our partners. Not only do they operate as an extension of our team, working tirelessly to deliver the best solutions and experiences for customers; they also show up as champions of our technology, collaborating with us to make sure we’re as great as we can be.

And we understand that our partners aren’t just businesses. They’re people – specific individuals who go out of their way to keep learning, discovering, and helping customers achieve more than they knew was possible. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce the Google Cloud Partners All-stars Program.

About the program

Google Cloud Partner All-stars is a new annual program that recognizes and celebrates remarkable people within our partner organizations. From December 5 – 9 of this year, we’re honoring

individuals in marketing, solutions engineering & delivery, and sales for their exceptional achievements. Recipients will receive an email notifying them of their recognition, which will provide them with a detailed summary as to why they were chosen. Individuals have been nominated and selected by Google Cloud partner leadership and local partner account teams.

What makes a Google Cloud Partner All-star?

To be eligible, individuals must be a Google Cloud champion within their organization, and are leading in excellence across the following qualities by category:


  • Delivers superior customer experiences by keeping professional skills up to date, earning at least one Google technical certification
  • Embraces customer challenges head-on, taking responsibility for end-to-end solutioning
  • Works with purpose, providing deliverables in a timely manner while never compromising quality
  • Works effectively across joint product areas, leveraging technology in new and innovative ways to address customer needs


  • Demonstrates commitment to customer transformation journey
  • Consistently meets and exceeds sales goals and targets
  • Aligns on shared goals to deliver amazing end-to-end customer experiences
  • Prioritizes long-term customer relationship building over short-term selling


  • Drives strategic programs and key events that address customer concerns and careabouts
  • Works across cross-functional teams to ensure the success of key campaigns and events
  • Takes a data-driven approach to marketing, investing time and resources in programs that drive the biggest impact
  • Always exploring areas of opportunity and improvement in order to uplevel future work

Why now?

It’s very important to us to recognize and celebrate our partners as an extension of the Google Cloud team. And the end of the year is a particularly good time to reflect on our work and share our gratitude.

On behalf of myself and the entire Google Cloud team, I’d like to thank and congratulate our 2022 Partner All-stars.

Learn more about Google Cloud Partners.

By: Kevin Ichhpurani (Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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