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Harness The Power Of Data And AI In Your Life Science Supply Chain

Global life science supply chains are lengthy and complex with many moving parts. One small disruption can create serious delays and affect your ability to deliver therapeutics for patients.

Supply chain disruptors

Over the last few years, healthcare organizations have encountered a range of obstacles, from both internal and external factors, that have resulted in supply networks failing to get drugs and medical devices to where they need to be on time. These obstacles include:

  • Labor and supply shortages
  • Rising material costs
  • Raw material constraints
  • Geo-political events
  • Unpredictable weather

How do you overcome supply chain disruptors that are out of your control?

The intelligent healthcare supply chain

While many organizations have already implemented data-driven supply chains, organizations are still faced with the challenges of static, siloed, and different functional supply chain applications; limited data exchange with key trading partners across upstream and downstream operations; and the inability to effectively leverage relevant external data.

At Google Cloud, we believe the key to meaningful and effective change is a data-driven supply chain that allows you to achieve visibility, flexibility, and innovation.

Our solutions help you prepare for the unpredictable and enhance the value of your data. By unlocking AI-driven insights, you can strengthen distribution networks and optimize your workflows and supply chains to become more reliable, intelligent, and sustainable. Some of the business challenges we address include:

Make sure you’re prepared for the unpredictable with real-time visibility over your distribution networks. Learn how you can harness the power of AI and analytics and gain actionable insights that enhance your supply chain.

By: Geri Studebaker (Director, Life Sciences Key Accounts, Google Cloud) and Paula Natoli (Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Solutions, Google Cloud)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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