How Geospatial Services Can Help Improve Financial Outcomes, Customer Experiences, And Operational Efficiency

There are few technologies that have become an essential part of everyday life as quickly as geospatial services. The same technology behind the digital maps that transformed the way we shop, commute, and travel, can also have a huge impact on business operations and outcomes. It can influence everything from logistics to location expansion planning to customer service.

We partnered with Oxford Economics on third party research to understand the impact of geospatial services. The quantitative and qualitative survey included 1000 executives, covering 14 industry clusters and 12 distinct geospatial service use cases across 8 countries.

We’ve heard from our customers that there are four main areas they assess when deciding whether to incorporate geospatial services into their business: revenue, operations, customer experience, and sustainability. We focused the research on these same key areas, so you can get a better idea of the results businesses like yours have seen in the areas that are most important to your team.

  • After implementing geospatial services, respondents reported cost reductions across areas like customer service, employee hours per delivery or transaction, fleet size, fuel costs, and more.
  • Of those who either agreed or disagreed with a series of statements about the impact of geospatial services:
    • 81% said geospatial services make their organization’s processes and operations more efficient.
    • 90% said their organization has become more environmentally sustainable since implementing geospatial services.

These are just a few of the insights the research uncovered about the impact of geospatial services. There’s so much more research to explore that we’ve developed a variety of different resources you can use to learn more.

You can use the new impact calculator on our website to share information about your priorities and receive a custom report on the quantitative and qualitative impact that organizations like yours have seen from implementing geospatial services. You can view our latest Maps onAir webinar or read the executive overview to get a handle on the key findings directly from our partners at Oxford Economics. You can also read white papers on key topics like sustainability and mobility or review country-specific findings.

We hope this research gives you the insights you need to understand how geospatial services can have a positive impact on your business.

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*Results are not intended to be representative of Google Maps Platform customer results.

By: Madeline Ng (Head of Marketing, Google Maps Platform)
Originally publishe at Google Cloud Blog

Source: Cyberpogo

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