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Every day, we see how much our customers value Google Cloud experts working alongside their teams to drive innovation. We also know that being connected to the right services and partners at the right time accelerates customer success. Last year, we expanded our custom AI solution practice and launched our Global Delivery Center to deliver deep product expertise at a global scale. Today, we’re excited to announce the next step on our journey to bring all our services together with the launch of Google Cloud Consulting and our unified services portfolio at 

The Google Cloud Consulting portfolio provides a unified services capability, bringing together offerings, across multiple specializations, into a single place. This includes services from learning to technical account management to professional services and customer success. Through this single portfolio, you’ll have access to detailed descriptions of the various services, with examples of how you can leverage them to solve specific business challenges. This will make it easy to identify the right package of services for your business and will ensure you get the most out of your investment. 

At Google Cloud, we always work closely with our ecosystem of partners to deliver innovation and value to our customers, and Google Cloud Consulting further reinforces our commitment to being partner-first. By bringing together capabilities across the customer lifecycle — from onboarding to enablement to co-delivery and assurance — this unified portfolio makes it simpler for partners to work with Google Cloud Consulting and help drive the best outcomes for customers. 

“Our partnership with Google Cloud Consulting is helping us to grow our Google Cloud practice globally and accelerate our customers’ adoption of the platform. We are pushing the bounds of innovation together as the AI wave approaches,” said Ankur Kashyap, SVP and Global Head of Google Ecosystem Unit, HCLTech.

Broadcom, a provider of enterprise security solutions, recently worked with Google Cloud Consulting to migrate its infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS), and found the combination of technology and expertise critical for success. “Google’s deep technical skills and its data, security and AI offerings have accelerated our transformation towards becoming a software-led company,” said Andy Nallappan, Vice President, CTO and CSO, Broadcom. 

Kroger, the American retailer, worked with Google Cloud Consulting and Deloitte to accelerate its technical objectives. “Google Cloud Consulting and Deloitte brought us a technology architecture and application framework that we could implement in record time. We’re already seeing results across our stores, with associate tasks being optimized and overall productivity increasing,” said Jim Clendenen, VP, Enterprise Retail Systems, Kroger. 

Whether you’re just getting started in the cloud or seeking new ways to innovate, our portfolio of offerings is built to help you: 

  • Leverage Google Cloud professional service engineers and consultants to kickstart your cloud journey, from testing, planning and executing migrations to optimizing your operations.
  • Work alongside our partners to provide expertise and assurance services.
  • Benefit from access to cutting-edge tools, including best-in-class Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) solutions, data resources, and security services that you can use to build robust data platforms and protect your business from security threats. 
  • Receive bespoke, hands-on guidance from our Technical Account Managers who build familiarity with your applications, systems, and business goals, and proactively advise and accelerate your digital transformation. 
  • Train and certify your teams in Google Cloud with a range of learning services that can boost your long-term self-sufficiency, and help you foster a culture of innovation. 

These end-to-end capabilities are designed to meet you wherever you are in your cloud journey, so you can both build your business in the cloud and make digital breakthroughs safely.

At Google Cloud, we’re committed to providing technology and services to help you grow and succeed. From developing innovative solutions, to pioneering with generative AI, to securely managing your data in the cloud, to transforming user experiences, we’re with you at all the key moments of your cloud journey. As we look forward to 2023, we’ll continue to expand the service catalog and focus on making it even easier to find and transact these services, and further streamline the experience of engaging with our services. Click here to see Google Cloud Consulting’s full portfolio of offerings. 

By: Lee Moore (Vice President, Google Cloud Consulting)
Originally published at Google Cloud

Source: Cyberpogo

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