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Brit Kitsch Or Quite The Catch. A Quirky Guide To British Gifts.

Are you on a quest for a gift that’s more British than a bulldog eating a crumpet in a double-decker bus? Look no further! Whether you’re shopping for an anglophile, a homesick Brit, or simply a lover of all things quirky and unique, we’ve scoured the green pastures of the United Kingdom for the finest, most delightful and quintessentially British gifts. From the luxurious to the downright delicious, these treats are sure to bring a smile, a chuckle, or even a jolly good belly laugh. So, pull on your wellies, adjust your bowler hat, and come along on this whimsical journey of British gift-giving!

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And for those really really special shoppes you know that only cater of actual visits, like that corner rare books shoppe at your fave high street or a hard to find kit bag to be filled with special items for your summer getaway, our guzzers are your personal shopper and steward.

1. A Cuppa Fit for a Queen. Elevate tea time with luxury teas from iconic British companies like Fortnum & Mason, purveyors of fine teas to the British royal family, or Twinings, renowned for their classic Earl Grey.

2. The Sweetest Taboo. Satisfy sweet tooths with shortbread from Walkers – a family-owned Scottish bakery famous for their delicious buttery biscuits. You could also opt for Cadbury chocolates or sticky and sweet traditional English toffees from Thornton’s.

3. Say Cheese, Darling! UK’s array of cheeses are second to none. Consider a wheel of creamy Stilton from Cropwell Bishop Creamery, a block of rich Cheddar from the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, or a selection box from Neal’s Yard Dairy in London.

4. A Tipple or Two. For those partial to a spirit, gift a bottle of Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire gin, or a peaty single malt from a Scottish distillery like Talisker or Ardbeg.

5. Luxury à la Britannia. For a truly special gift, look to British luxury brands like a classic Burberry trench coat, a timeless Mulberry Bayswater handbag, or a cosy Barbour wax jacket for those brisk English country walks or that mountain trek elsewhere across the globe.

6. Best of British Craftsmanship. Explore the handcrafted beauty of Church’s shoes, renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship, or Waterford Crystal, known for their exquisite glasswork.

The Traveller – Colour – Oxblood

7. Lit in Britain. Delve into the rich tapestry of British literature. A vintage edition of a Jane Austen novel or a collector’s edition of Harry Potter by British author J.K. Rowling could be the ticket.

8. English Garden In A Box. Captivate the green thumbs with seeds or plants of traditional English flowers like roses or lavender, or perhaps strawberry seeds for a summertime treat!

9. Bringing Britain Home. Choose homeware items featuring iconic British designs, like a Emma Bridgewater’s Polka Dot range or a charming cushion featuring a hand-stitched London skyline.

10. Britain At Your Doorstep. Keep up with British affairs with a subscription to ‘The Times’ or delight in the eclectic articles of ‘The Economist’.

11. A Taste of Britain Hamper. Gift a curated hamper brimming with British goodies – Yorkshire Tea, McVitie’s Digestives, Branston Pickle, HP Sauce, and perhaps a mini bottle of Pimm’s for a truly British experience!

Remember, when it comes to gifting, it’s the thought and the element of surprise that truly counts. These suggestions are just a starting point – the best gift is always one that is thoughtfully chosen with the recipient’s tastes in mind!

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