The Teachers Must-Have Bundle For Back-To-School 2023

These are some of the essential items that teacher should have. While it may be vary from place, like schools and institutions, these are also some of the common supplies and equipment that any teaching profession will need.

01. Whiteboard Maker from EXPO

Whiteboard Marker - Expo
Whiteboard Marker – Expo

While technology is advancing at a rapid rate, the whiteboard marker is still one of the most writing medium when it comes to teaching a class when you need to show something quickly.

02. Pencils from Amazon Basics

Pencil - Amazon Basics
Pencil – Amazon Basics

Pencils are still a must. Writing, drawing and solving math problems still requires the use of a pencil. 

03. Black, Blue and Red Ballpens from Bic

Ballpen - Bic
Ballpen – Bic

Same with pencil, the ballpoint pen are needed to make writing and even grading student submissions. This pack contains Black, Blue and Red colors.

04. Highlighter from SHARPIE

Highlighter - Sharpie
Highlighter – Sharpie

In order to give focus to specific text in a document you would need a highligther. It’s also useful for correcting answers to test and provide additional feedback to the students.

05. Teacher Planner from Maalbok

Teacher Planner
Teacher Planner

While schools and institutions provide syllabus even before the school year start. Teachers would still have to organize the specific activities and tasks for the students. What better way to do it than with a yearly planner. 

06. Laptop from Acer

Acer Laptop
Acer Laptop

A reliable laptop is an essential for every teacher. From creating exams, presentations, reports, to video conference the laptop should be able to do all these.  This laptop has 14 inches screen, Intel Core I3, 128 GB Hard Disk and 8GB of memory. It is both powerful in specs and lightweight. It also include a protective sleeve.

07. Travel Laptop Bag from MATEIN

MATEIN Backpack
MATEIN Backpack

With all the items above, you’d need a bag to carry them all. This travel bag supports laptop with screen size up to 15.6. It rear padded to provide additional comfort specially when bringing a laptop.

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