Intel Innovation

Intel Innovation 2023

On Sept. 19-20, Intel leaders introduce the ‘Siliconomy’ and its role in a world where artificial intelligence is delivering a generational shift in computing.

At Intel Innovation 2023, CEO Pat Gelsinger and CTO Greg Lavender will describe a new world – one where artificial intelligence represents a generational shift in computing. It’s a world that will give rise to a new era of economic expansion enabled by sustainable, open and secure computing power.

It’s the “Siliconomy.”

Fueled by AI and the convergence of ubiquitous compute, connectivity, infrastructure and sensing, the Siliconomy signals a new era – one requiring an exponential leap in computing technology.

Join Intel for a two-day event on Sept. 19-20, 2023. At Intel Innovation, company and industry leaders will spell out how Intel helps developers make technology more secure and accessible across workloads – from client and edge to network and cloud. They will present breakthroughs in hardware, software, services and advanced technologies that will speed development, drive innovation and help developers sharpen their competitive edges.

And developers will learn how Intel is the only company with the full breadth of hardware and software to support the world’s smartest organizations as they make their next exponential leaps. ​

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