Halloween pumpkins

Prepare For Halloween. With Costumes From Hollywood Movies.

In a few weeks from now Halloween will take place. Those who are busy from work or other important tasks would want to get their own costume fast. Here we have some options that are inspired from Hollywood movies.

01. Repear by Spooktacular Creations


The Grim Reaper. The personification of death. The costume includes the hood, chain, robe with sleeves, the glowing glasses and toy scythe. Just make sure to select the proper size on checkout.

02. Werewolf by California Costumes


Half-man, half-wolf. But this one is for women, so it’s Half-woman and half-wolf then. These includes the following in the package: Vest with attached hood, tunic, glovelettes, belt with faux fur tail, and a make up tutorial booklet.

03. Maleficent by Disguise


A slick design. Let’s just hope there aren’t any prince charming to save sleeping beauty.

04. Frankenstein (Monster) by Rubies

Frankenstein (Monster)

A classical halloween costume. Note that this includes only the costume and not the head piece.

05. Michael Myers by Fooecor


From the popular texas chainsaw massacre. This one exubes creepiness with that mask. Probably comparable to “Jason”.

06. Freddie Krueger by Rubies

Freddie Krueger

From the nightmare on Elm street. While probably not known by the younger generations today, the mask itself is disturbing on its own.

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