A Nescafe Minute. An Ally For Getting Through My Day.

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We live in a moment – not even a time worthy of being called an age, eon, or era yet – where the human spirit of creativity and imagination is under threat to the guile of uncertain provenance.

There is, sort of, a need to defend the artist’s creation against the overarching proxy of the machine: words, melodies, strokes of the brush, the gentle bashing of the hammer, the mind’s eye, the song of the soul…

Tools. Aids. Enablers. Wands. Staffs. Elixirs. But not, the art, the object, the outcome, the discipline, the practice, and the performance.

clouds roll in quickly
heart longs for warm coffee cup
rain falling happy

A decade long escape for me has been my Nescafe minute. At home, at work, or at large, those who know me, knows this often ridiculed vice; a cheap concoction they say; too many chemicals unlike the drip kind; lacks the body of true coffee done with espresso.


So what! It awakens the morning dew or the morning sun. It keeps me going through mid-mornings and in-between ‘proper’ coffee or tea. It extends whatever ember of inspiration or intellect or strength to carry on almost every night.

So here’s to you, Nestle! Thank you!

As you continue your evolution with Nespresso, may you never falter offering what most deem cheap or fake. It remains the stuff dreams need to keep going for the rest of us; it is what makes it true.

And here’s to you, the authentic stuff. Yes, you are the real deal; every now and then or often, I will. But do not take from me simple comforts. Tell your fanbase: while you drive the energies of chatter in cafe and offices, the world ran by simpletons like us, need the stuff within easy ways and reach.


And here’s to you, just for today, a willy nilly made nibble, better had now than the pizza 45 minutes later or the Michelin meal 3 hours from now. Another haiku, just for you.


cheddar cheese slices
warmed between tortilla bread
power snacks for dreams

And here’s to you, Taylor! You saved 2023 and 2024 from the doom that did not happen (maybe not yet), wrought by the seeming existential threat of AI by prophets of technology.

And here’s to you, the Swiftie, you belong to humanity, for humanity; proving humanity still longs for simple community, love, passion, and soul.

Carry on…

Disclaimers, of course: Written without GenAI LLM; all me and Nescafe. Any errors, attribute to the sleepy monkey in my head. Writing this, while still sending emails, setting up meetings, calls here and there, running code/package deployments for clients, and just every other every day things to be grafetul for. (wink).

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