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Google Cloud AI Leaders Share Tips For Getting Started With AI

Machine learning (ML) can help you solve hard business problems in new ways, but getting started can feel overwhelming. We are fortunate to have some great leaders in Google Cloud AI who have decades of experience in artificial intelligence (AI) and have generously agreed to share a few words of advice from their learnings. 

In the following videos they share tips for businesses and organizations getting started in AI, as well as what’s top of mind for them in Cloud AI this year.

How do you enjoy these revenue and efficiency gains? 

Here’s why this field of artificial intelligence has the business world so enthralled. According to a recent McKinsey & Company study, AI is expected to increase economic output by $13 trillion in the next decade. The firm states businesses that fully absorb this technology could double their cash flow in that time, while companies that don’t could see a 20% decline. 

Businesses in every sector and across the globe are seeing this opportunity and choosing Google Cloud AI to solve some of their toughest challenges. From Etsy, which exemplifies the new era of scaling a business, to deluged government agencies like the Illinois Department of Employment Security to HSBC, one of the largest banks in the world—organizations in every industry are using our Cloud AI services to solve problems and innovate.

There’s lots of ways to get started with Google Cloud AI: from prepackaged solutions that integrate with your existing systems and workflows, to our managed AI Platform for building and managing the entire ML model development lifecycle, to pretrained models accessible via APIs, to easily add sight, language, conversation and data into your apps.   

If you’d like to take our AI Platform for a spin, you can explore labs on Qwiklabs and other course offerings in our ML learning path to gain more ML experience on Google Cloud. And there’s a $300 credit and free tier to start experimenting today.

By Cloud AI Marketing
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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